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What's next on your 2018 cybersecurity agenda?


Title: What’s next on your 2018 cybersecurity agenda?
Date: On-Demand
Duration: (30 min.)


Ransomware attacks continue to disproportionately affect the healthcare industry, and CIOs continue to be challenged with protecting their existing environment while trying to successfully deploy innovative organizational initiatives.

Join Commvault Healthcare Product Manager, John Valutkevich, as he discusses the evolution and increase in ransomware, the impact ransomware continues to have on the healthcare industry and provides guidance on developing an effective strategy to mitigate your risk. John has over 20 years of experience in Healthcare IT managing teams in the research, design, testing, and implementation of data management and interoperability solutions.


John Valutkevich

Product Manager Healthcare 

What’s next on your 2018 cybersecurity agenda?

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