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More than ever, array-based snapshots are a viable option to augment or replace legacy solutions that simply can’t handle exponential data growth and the speed of today’s business. But they require simplified management and automation. Together, Commvault and Pure Storage offer everything you need — whether you’re working in VMware, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or other critical application environments.

Change the equation for your business.

Maximize the value of your Pure Storage investment while reducing risk and management overhead by eliminating manual, tedious and error-prone tasks such as creating and maintaining scripts.Commvault supports the entire Pure Storage product family from the FlashArray//m series to FlashStack Converged Infrastructure.

Combined, Pure Storage FlashArray snapshots and Commvault IntelliSnap snapshot management with array-based replication support deliver:

  • Data storage and snapshot protection that dramatically increases performance while reducing both complexity — by an average of 62%1 — and costs
  • Reduced risk from streamlined management of VM and application-consistent snapshots
  • Optimized sharing of protected data for alternative workloads, including reporting, test/dev and analytics
  • Minimized downtime and prevent data loss through integration with virtualization platforms and major applications to provide more frequent recovery points in minutes.

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Tightly integrated with applications and VMs.

Commvault software integrates seamlessly with Pure Storage arrays (//m series and FlashStack) and the enterprise applications that are critical to your business — whether they’re physical or virtual.

Achieve service levels more readily and reliably, even as the amount of data and number of virtual machines grow, with:

  • Flexible, granular, application-aware recovery options
  • Push-button recovery of critical applications and VMs
  • Auto-discovery and backup without administrator involvement for new
    apps and VMs

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Pure Storage is a Commvault IntelliSnap Connect partner and part of Commvault’s Technology Alliance Program.

In turn, Commvault is a sponsor of Pure//Accelerate 2016.

Benefit from a true strategic partnership

Commvault and Pure Storage have made a strategic investment in engineering interoperability, testing and validation. The result? Joint solutions that reduce complexity, lower risk and provide enhanced data protection and management — and truly address the challenges of next generation storage.

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