Foil a ransomware attack
before it happens

Are you more than simply ready?

Most of us look at an airport as a place that helps travelers get to where they need to go. But to a hacker, it's a place packed with opportunities for cybercrime - or what the military calls "a target-rich environment." Once these cybercriminals gain access, they can take your data hostage and force you and your executive team to pay a hefty ransom to get it back. 

Whether it's an airport, bank, hospital or power plant, hackers have proliferated around the world, with motivations for financial gain, disruption or espionage. To protect against hackers and ransomware attacks you must hope for the best but plan for the absolute worst. You and your colleagues are invited to join us on Thursday, September 12 at Wild Eagle Steak & Saloon where we will learn about
the latest advancements in data protection and how you can protect your
company's data before, during and after an attack.

Thursday, September 12th

Time: 4:00pm - 7:00pm

5001 E Royalton Rd
Broadview Heights, OH 44147

Register today to reserve your spot. 

Protect Against Hackers and Ransomware Attacks with Commvault & Arkay

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