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IT's Role in Digital Transformation


Title: IT's Role in Digital Transformation
Date: On-Demand
Duration: (30 min.)


According to IDC, Digital transformation (DX) is dominating board-room conversations and presenting $20 trillion of market opportunity, or 25% of global GDP, to be realized over the next five years. CEOs see the path to capturing this opportunity as becoming technology centric in order to deliver new customer experiences. This opportunity for growth, combined with the threat of new, digitally savvy competitors, is driving established enterprises to invest in digitally centric business models for real growth. (IDC MaturityScape Benchmark: Digital Transformation, Worldwide, 2016)

Bottom line is data is at the heart of digital transformation and IT needs to make data available real time, 24/7 in order to drive digital business. But the recent survey, Measuring IT's Readiness for Digital Business, shows that less than half of companies (45%) believe they have the right data available to fuel key decisions, and only 29% of IT staffs believe they’re prepared for innovation.

In this webinar we explore Digital Transformation, why it is important, how leading-edge companies have transformed and what IT’s role needs to be. We'll also cover:

  • Digital Transformation best practices and guidelines
  • How IT will drive for Digital Transformation
  • Why data is the key to achieving the remarkable


Nigel Williams

Senior Director of EMEA Marketing,

Henry Litman

Senior Consultant
Quadrant Strategies

IT’s Role in Digital Transformation

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