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Secondary Storage Headaches?


Title: How Scale-Out Infrastructure Solves Secondary Storage Headaches
Date: February 14, 2018

Webinar Type: On-Demand 


Many IT departments don’t realize that more than 70% of their data lives in secondary storage. But they have firsthand knowledge of the headaches associated with the scale-up approach to dealing with growth of that storage, the need to swap in ever larger systems as data swells.

The alternative is a scale-out architecture that enables you to simply expand capacity as you need it. Besides solving the scalability problem, this approach is less expensive, more reliable, and delivers predictable performance cost.

Gartner says 30%1 of data has already moved to scale-out infrastructure, mostly for primary storage. That success is now driving interest in applying the same principals to secondary storage.

In this webinar we will examine how scale-out infrastructure:

  • Simplifies storage management
  • Lowers infrastructure costs
  • Improves reliability and availability
  • Addresses performance
  • Seamless storage expansion

1Gartner Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storgae, October 2017


Scott Lowe

CEO and lead strategist
ActualTech Media

Phil Wandrei

Solutions Marketing Director

How Scale-Out Infrastructure Solves Secondary Storage Headaches

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