Ensuring a Safe, Turbulence-Free Cloud Journey

Recently, IT organizations have helped innovation climb to new heights – and sometimes watched it stall – as they faced regulatory controls and staff constraints. Cloud and SaaS application trends have outpaced traditional datacenter-based application growth even as legacy workloads persist and must be managed. The combination of legacy and modern workload management means processes and products must be reviewed, refined, and sometimes completely refactored.

Attempting to manage an IT environment with both of these delivery models results in a disjointed solution with data silos and fragmentation. All of which creates complexity and additional cost while increasing security risks – including possible ransomware attacks.

Imagine if you could seamlessly manage your traditional workloads using your core products and processes while using a SaaS-delivered solution to manage cloud-native and modern workloads? In this webinar, we will explore how you can traverse your entire IT stack whether on prem, in the cloud, or both, using the Power of AND, while experiencing benefits such as:

Mitigating security risks as you modernize and move to the cloud
Minimizing the cost and complexity of data silos and fragmentation
Optimizing staff resources with an intuitive, consolidated data management experience
Meeting you wherever you are on your journey to transform

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Metallic's Sales Engineering director leading our International region. In the IT industry for over 20 years and at Commvault since 2021 Ronnie is a true backup guy.

A Sales Engineer at Commvault for over 7 years, enlightening thousands of customers and partners on Commvault’s unique data management benefits

Ensuring A Safe, Turbulence-Free Cloud Journey

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