Ransomware Protection and Recovery:
Going Beyond Zero Trust Architecture

On-demand Webinar

In the multi- and hybrid-cloud era, anything less than a zero trust approach to security is reckless. But as bad actors become more inventive and the diversity of data workloads requiring protection increases, it is not enough to adopt single cybersecurity point products or paper warranties – you need to go further to protect your business.

To help you, we’ve gathered a group of industry experts, including renowned cybersecurity leaders Dr Sally Eaves and Rob May who will explore:

What zero trust is and isn’t
The NIST Cybersecurity Framework and how to apply it in real life
Common pitfalls and real-life examples
Being incident-ready – from technology and process to culture and skills

Prof. Sally Eaves is Senior Policy Advisor and Chair of Digital Trust for the Global Foundation of Cyber Studies and Research.

Rob May is the UK Ambassador for Cybersecurity for the IoD and part of the Advisory Board of the Cyber Resilience Centre.

Going Beyond Zero Trust Architecture

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