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5 Essential Cloud Data
Recovery Lessons


Title: 5 Essential Cloud Data Recovery Lessons
Webinar Type: On-Demand | 30 Minutes

It’s the call that all IT departments dread: “Your cloud is having an issue!” What do you do about it and how fast can you recover?  The fact is, your cloud absolutely needs a data backup and continuity plan. Each cloud outage and the resulting loss of business demonstrates how critical it is to ensure your organization has a plan for cloud data recovery. Most organizations have robust data protection policies on-premises, but many are not extending those policies to the cloud.

Whether it is critical data across multiple clouds or just some data in a single cloud, it’s essential for IT to understand cloud data recovery. Join us for this brief webinar to learn:

  • What data to move to the cloud and how to plan appropriately for data backup and data archiving in the cloud
  • Recommendations for geographically-disperse data backups that can keep the business running
  • Why a big picture view of data management across the enterprise is essential
  • How data formats should be a part of your data recovery strategy
  • Insights for staffing your cloud data protection project

We hope you will join Don Foster, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing at Commvault for an informative look at these 5 essential cloud data recovery topics that will help you control and synchronize data across cloud and on-premises environments.

5 Essential Cloud Data Recovery Lessons Webinar

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